Toyota Supra single turbo 2jz Mesa & Phoenix, AZ

Toyota Supra Service Repair and Performance Modification

It’s a well-known fact in the Mesa area that I am a Toyota Supra enthusiast.  It all started back in 1998 when I bought my first 1986.5.  From there a purchased a 1990 Turbo Targa Top Supra in super red, and shortly after that I picked up my first MKIV – a Beautiful 1997 Super Silver Targa top with automatic transmission.  I was forced to sell this one when I purchased a new home, but shortly after picked up a 1998 Renaissance red turbo targa with automatic transmission.  This one turned out to be a lemon, as it had been chopped up and glued back together on more than one occasion.  After selling the 1998, I picked up my final MKIV – a 1994 Black Targa Top 6 speed with a 67mm single turbo and Titan Motorsports 3.0 race engine.  At 800 horsepower, this thing was ridiculous to drive!  I recall one time spinning the tires when accelerating from 90 mph.

1997 Toyota Supra Anniversary Edition Highline Car Care Mesa AZ

My first MKIV Supra – 1997 Anniversary edition in Alpine Silver. Was an automatic when I owned it, but is currently converted to 6-speed with a single turbo setup

1990 Toyota Supra Turbo Targa Highline Car Care Mesa AZ

My 1990 Toyota Supra Turbo in Super Red with 5-speed manual transmission

1998 Toyota Supra MKIV Renaissance Red Highline Car Care Mesa AZ

My second MKIV – A Renaissance Red 1998 with auto transmission

I sold the 1994 way back in 2008 and have not owned another Supra since.  I opened Highline Car Care, got married, had a baby, and priorities have changed…  These days I get to play with other people’s projects and typically focus on the 1993.5-1998 MKIV Supra.  We have had the pleasure of working on low mileage bone stock specimens, all the way up to 1,300 hp highly modified track models.

1994 Toyota Supra 67mm Turbo Titan Motorsports Engine Highline Car Care Mesa AZ

My last MKIV Supra – A Black 1994 6-speed with 67mm DBB turbo, and Titan Motorsports 3.0 engine. What a blast!

Toyota Supra MKIV Service and Repair

Over the years, Highline Car Care has earned the trust of countless Supra owners in Mesa and Phoenix.  Some of our repair services include:

  1. Valve seal replacement
  2. Rear main seal replacement
  3. Oil pan reseal
  4. Front crank and cam seal replacement
  5. Turbo replacement
  6. Brake and suspension repair
  7. Power steering rack replacement
  8. Power steering hose replacement
  9. Differential bushing replacement
  10. Control arm bushing replacement
  11. Complete engine overhaul or replacement
  12. Timing belt service
  13. Spark plug replacement
  14. Radiator repair

Whether your service need is big or small, rest assured that myself and my staff will treat your Supra with the care that it deserves.

Toyota Supra MKIV Performance Modification

While we are capable of building your Supra to be as mild or wild as you would like it to be, our specialty is building budget-friendly upgrades to take your car to the next level.  Some of our services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Budget Single Turbo Kit:  Uses stock fuel system and retains stock MAF sensor.  The most economical and reliable way to attain 500+ horsepower.  We start with a cast iron “log” manifold and a Precision 6266 .68AR turbo in either journal or dual ball bearing form.  We custom fabricate a turbo elbow that will bolt directly to your stock or aftermarket downpipe and exhaust.  We use a Tial 44mm wastegate which can be vented to open air, or recirculated back into your exhaust.  We will also add whatever flavor 3-row intercooler you would prefer – Greddy, SupraStore, etc.  Top that off with a custom intake pipe and cone filter, and you are ready to go!  Check out some pics of our last build.

2.  High-performance clutch install.  We can install just about any clutch setup your Supra might require.  Check out a recent Clutch Masters install:

Toyota Supra performance clutch Highline Car Care Mesa AZ

Bring Your Supra to Highline Car Care

You can rest assured that your car will be in excellent hands at Highline Car Care, whether it’s routine maintenance or a 1,000 horsepower build. As an enthusiast, I understand what is necessary to keep these cars running at, and beyond, their factory performance potential. Treat your Supra to a Highline service, call us today!