Toyota Prius MFD Navigation Touch Screen Repair


Your Toyota Prius MFD Display Plays a Vital Role in Function and Convenience, Let the Pros at Highline Keep it Functioning Properly

Is Your Toyota Prius Multi Function Display Touch Screen on the Fritz?

Toyota Prius MFD Navigation Touch Screen Repair Mesa AZ Highline Car Care

A non responsive MFD will not light up, but will not respond to touch

Let the Pros at Highline take a look.  We are currently able to repair non responsive MFD touch screens on all 2004 through 2012 Toyota Prius models for a FRACTION of the price you have likely found at Toyota.  This is a specialty service that we have been offering since 2012, as we saw the need for an economical solution to touch screen failure.  Some cell phone repair companies claim to be able to “repair” your touch screen by cutting your digitizer open and using a solder circuit pen to patch the failed connection.  The question is though, do you really want an unqualified cell phone salesman disassembling and patching your $6,000 navigation unit?  Sounds risky to me.  Our technicians are ASE certified and will actually replace the failed touch screen in order to offer a 24 month/24,000 mile warranty on our repair.  We feel this is the only way to do it right.




We Are Currently Working to Find a Solution for Prius Blank or Black MFD Screens

Toyota Prius MFD Navigation Touch Screen Repair Mesa AZ Highline Car Care

A blank or black MFD screen is self explanatory, and may or may not be repairable

A blank multi function display screen indicates a failed main circuit board, and we do not currently have a supplier for new parts.  We do however, have several donor units in stock and are able to perform an economical repair in some cases.  Give us a call or email if you have a Prius with black or blank MFD screen and we can go over current options.







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A Quick How-to Video on Prius Digitizer Replacement

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