Ten Years and Still Working Hard

Ten years old and hard working – that describes a lot of vehicles out there. They could be Japanese, Korean, even American. At ten years, you’re probably looking at 92,000 miles on the engine and transmission and it appears that everything is going well. If you’re thinking about ditching this article now because everything IS going well… keep reading.

No matter how well you’ve taken care of your car, there are going to be things that you just won’t be able to see.

Cars experience stress which is caused by low fluids or spark plugs that are reaching the end of their lifecycle. Timing belts get worn down or filters are dirty preventing your car from breathing like it should be.

No matter how many miles your car has it has a lot left to give and you’ll never fully realize the fullness of your investment if you don’t do the little things – like regular maintenance.

When you are a customer at a quality shop – like Highline – you’ll hear talk of preventative maintenance over and over and over and over and over and over again. It is 100% because we know it’s the best thing for your vehicle and for you.

So – take this post as a message from your car – it’s been working hard but it wants a little TLC too… bring it on by!