Keep your car and passengers cool in the summer heat Mesa, AZ

Keep Your Cool This Summer

Well, it’s official – Summer has hit the valley, and for us Phoenicians that means following a few basic rules of desert survival. First and foremost, never leave home without a bottle of water. Second, don’t get caught outside between the hours of 5am and 8pm without said bottle of water. And last, never, EVER touch that steering wheel with your bare hands within 10 minutes of entering your car!!

With temps consistently between uncomfortable and “turn it down PLEEEAAASE”, it’s safe to say most of us are planning a few summer getaways. Whether you’re looking to take the kids to San Diego for the week or drive up to Las Vegas with a few friends for the weekend, chances are good you will be relying on your trusty automobile to carry you safely through many miles of scorching desert heat. That’s why we at Highline Car Care would like to share some helpful warm weather advice to make sure you and your car arrive safe, sound, and comfortable.

Keep your engine cool

Your vehicle’s cooling system consists of a radiator, water pump, thermostat, a drive belt, and several rubber hoses. Inspect your radiator fluid level when the car is COLD only, and add water or coolant to reach the desired level. Inspect hoses for leakage or softness – a good hose should be firm and not malformed or bulging. Inspect your engine drive belts for any cracks or fraying. Drive belt and radiator hose failure are the leading causes of breakdowns and should be inspected before any road trip. If you’d like to have us inspect your cooling system free of charge, please click below.

Keep your passengers cool

Your vehicle’s air conditioning is one of the most miraculous devices under the hood. It is able to take 150-degree air, and turn it into 40 degrees of frosty goodness. It is, however, one of the most delicate systems on your car. In as little as 4 years, your car can lose enough refrigerant to affect your air conditioner’s performance. When this happens, your AC will gradually start blowing warmer. But worse yet as it continues to lose refrigerant, oil no longer flows through the AC compressor as it is designed to, and this can eventually lead to complete system failure. Schedule a complimentary A/C checkup to avoid costly and inconvenient repairs.

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