Project – Nissan GTR Restoration

The Nissan GTR is a Japanese icon dating all the way back to 1957 where it was initially unveiled as a Skyline manufactured by Prince Motor Company.  The Skyline was originally available in 2 or 4 door variations, and offered many different trim levels to suit the end user – The most well known being the Skyline GT-R.  The Skyline has evolved over the years to become one of the worlds most iconic and best performing Japanese sports cars.  In recent years (2009 in US) the name Skyline was dropped in favor of the more simplistic name Nissan GT-R.

I was fortunate enough to drive the very first 2009 GT-R to arrive at Antelope Valley Nissan in California, and have wanted to own one ever since.

2009 Nissan GTR Highline Car Care Mesa AZ

Wes Hawkins driving a brand new GTR back in 2009

2010 Nissan GT-R Restoration at Highline Car Care Mesa AZ

I recently ran into an opportunity to pick up a black 2010 GT-R Premium.  The previous owner had gotten into a very minor front and rear collision – Probably sandwiched in an accident, I’m not entirely sure of the whole story.  I waited 10 months for all of the paperwork to clear, and finally took her home in August of 2017!  The car was mechanically sound, came with a clean title, and just needed an oil change and new battery to be driven.  Tires were nearly brand new, and the odometer was at ONLY 39,000 miles!

There was “some assembly required” as far as the body goes.  The vehicle came with new (and painted) front and rear bumper covers that had not yet been installed.  I did have to purchase new front and rear bumper reinforcements (crash bars) and a whole pile of clips, brackets, grills, and lower spoiler pieces.  Being that I had already waited 10 months to acquire this particular vehicle, I wasted NO time putting it back together.  We assembled front and rear bumpers, installed the headlights and tail lights, installed the rocker moldings, and lower spoiler pieces – All in a total of 6 days.  Not too shabby, being that the vehicle had sat for a year and a half before I picked it up.


2010 Nissan GTR Premium Highline Car Care Mesa AZ

This is what the GTR looked like when I picked it up – Front and rear bumpers, headlights, and rocker moldings all needed to be assembled.  No sheet metal damage, other than minor dent on passenger fender


2010 Nissan GTR after assembly Highline Car Care Mesa AZ

This is what the GT-R looked like after only 6 days of assembly and LOTS of cleaning



Here she is with the front end completed – Grill, emblem, and grill trim piece


2010 Nissan GT-R Performance modifications

The next logical step was to make this GT-R move faster!  Because almost 500 factory HP and a 2.7 second 0-60 simply wouldn’t cut it.  This GT-R did come with aftermarket down pipes, vacuum modulated exhaust, and a Cobb AccessPort Tuner, so I was all set as far as computer programmability and exhaust go.  All I needed was three simple and (fairly) economical upgrades to make this beast run on ethanol and put out 700 horsepower at the crankshaft (610 at the wheels), so I figured why not…  Here’s the game plan:


Cobb Big SF air intakes Nissan GTR Highline Car Care Mesa AZ

Cobb Big SF air intakes, with black powder coated pipes and blue K&N air filter

1.  Install Cobb Big SF air intakes.  Yes, there are TWO intakes because… GTR…



Deatsch Werks DW65c fuel pump Nissan GTR Highline Car Care Mesa AZ

Installing the new DW65c fuel pump, make sure to replace the O rings




2.  The next step would be replacing the factory fuel pumps (Yes, two of these as well) with DW Deatsh Werks DW65c high flow fuel pumps (compatible with Ethanol) to accommodate step number three.











3.  Install 1,000cc Ethanol E85 compatible fuel injectors

2010 Nissan GTR 1000CC Injectors - Highline Car Care Mesa AZ

You’ll find the fuel injectors just underneath the upper intake manifold. This is a picture after installing the new 1,000cc injectors and adapter connectors













Final Paint Correction and Repair

When I purchase the GTR, the hood had a large amount of rock chips, as did the front fenders.  I also had a very small dent on the front of the passenger fender that annoyed me.  In addition to that, the front lower spoiler piece and rocker moldings had some chips and scratches.  In November 2017 I took her in to Body Pros Collision in Gilbert, AZ – Just a couple miles from Highline.  Body Pros is in my opinion, THE best paint shop in town.  I am sure there are other good options, but I have known the guys at Body Pros for 15+ years, have used them several times personally, and have sent multiple referrals to them.  All without a hiccup or complaint.  That being said, I let them work their magic with the problem areas.  They essentially repainted the entire front clip and lower pieces.  I decided to have the hood vents color matched black, rather than the original grey, which looked out of place to me.

Future upgrades and repairs

I am very close to being done with this GTR project as of November 2017, but have a couple more items to check off:

  1.  Replace front and rear brake pads and rotors
  2. Replace front bumper lower grill insert
  3. Replace missing rear emblems


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