Nissan & Infiniti Repair in Mesa AZ

Looking for a trustworthy shop to maintain, service, or repair your Infiniti or Nissan in Mesa AZ?

Highline Car Care is your one-stop shop!  We love Japanese vehicles! In fact, this is where we got our start.  Our owner Wes Hawkins worked for Toyota 10 years before starting up business on his own.  He has always appreciated the simplicity and reliability of Japanese vehicles.  Nissan and it’s luxury cousin Infiniti are no exception.  We are very familiar with the intricacies of these vehicles, including but not limited to the following:

  • Power steering leak repair – We know that every Nissan over 90,000 miles is going to need special attention to this area.  Leaks can pop up in the steering rack and pinion, pump, high & low-pressure hoses.
  • Suspension complaints – Clunks, rattles, worn tires, bouncy suspension are all common with used Nissan and Infiniti’s.  We will make short work of lower control arm, struts, and mounting issues to get you back on the road quickly.
  • Engine mount replacement – Front wheel drive Nissan Altima, Maxima, Sentra, and Murano all need engine mounts in time.  We are adept in the knowledge needed to provide a quality repair with long-lasting replacement parts
  • Cam position sensor diagnosis and replacement – Yep, the Maxima, G35, and 350z all require cam sensor attention in time.

Nissan and Infiniti brake repair in the East Valley

The Pros at Highline Car Care know how to keep your brakes functioning smooth and quiet.  We only use high-quality ceramic brake pads, new hardware, and will machine your brake rotors with our ProCut on car brake lathe – The ONLY way to ensure a 100% true fitment.

Nissan engine replacement in AZ


A recent Infiniti G35 that received an engine transplant at Highline Car Care

Nissan builds a very reliable engine, but even the best will need replacement in time.  We are able to economically source used, low mileage Nissan & Infiniti engines to get your car back on the road in no time.  We will not cut corners in our installations, which almost always include

  • New engine rear main seal
  • New spark plugs
  • New drive belts and radiator hoses
  • New thermostat
  • New coolant and engine oil
  • New gaskets as needed

We also offer a minimum 12 month/12,000 mile parts and labor warranty on engine replacement.

Need to get that Nissan in for service?

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