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Lexus Digitizer LCD Screen Replacement & Repair Service

This is a common issue we often find on the 2006 2007 2008 & 2009 Lexus models.  Although we have seen failures in the ES350 LX460 RX350 and GS models, this article will talk specifically about the IS.  The problem is simple, a failed ribbon cable.  The digitizer is the outer layer of your LCD screen (the display) and is responsible for telling your nav unit what function is being requested.

Does Your Lexus  Navigation Screen Not Respond to Touch?

As you touch the screen, the position on the screen is triangulated and sent back to the main computer.  There is a ribbon cable that is attached to the lower right-hand portion of your screen that connects to the computer.  This very thin and fragile ribbon cable is the culprit for your frozen navigation screen.  It loses connection at the microscopic solder joints and will not let the signal pass through.  In the past, many have found a way to bandage this bad connection by scraping off the insulation and applying a circuit writer pen to the broken connection.  I have seen this work, but it is no more than a band-aid.  This equates to patching up a leaky hose with duct tape or strapping your muffler up with bailing wire.  Simply stated, don’t do it!

Touch screen replacement is quick, easy, and Highline Car Care has made it affordable.  Watch this video to see the process.  If this looks like a repair you might be up for, by all means – try it yourself!  But be CAREFUL.  A botched repair will end up costing you thousands.  If you’re not up for a DIY project, give us a call or email.  We offer parts and repair service at our auto repair shop in Mesa, AZ.  If you’re not local, that is not a problem either.  Ship us your navigation unit for repair.  We can usually perform the service and send it back your direction the very same day (Please confirm ahead of time).  We will have you back on the road with functioning AC controls, radio, and navigation in no time!

Lexus IS Navigation unit exchange service in Mesa, AZ

We currently have several used and rebuilt units in stock and ready to go.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, please email us with your specific need

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Here’s the How-To Video for Touch Screen Replacement


Transcript – 

Hey guys its Wes from highline car care.  Today we’ve got a 2007 Lexus IS250 navigation unit.  Today we are going to show you how to replace the digitizer.  Just to be clear, replacing the digitizer is going to repair the symptom of your touch screen not responding to touch.  This particular one is functioning, as you can see it responds to my touch.  But for argument sake let’s pretend you’ve got this in your car, you’re going like this and nothing happens.   Today I’m going to show you how to remove the LCD screen from your navigation unit, and to take this screen and replace the digitizer.  Pretty simple process, but something you’ve got to be very careful with.  Well first off, we’re going to need to remove the LCD screen from the navigation unit.  You’ll need a Phillips screwdriver, I opted for the power version.  There are going to be 4 screws total to remove the face plate.  Once you’ve got those screws out, you’ve got some tabs here that still hold the face plate on.  Just give it a little pressure here, and gently pry it out.  We do have a cable connecting this once you get it separated so you’re going to want to be careful with that.  There’s the cable right there, gently wiggle it off of the face plate.  Now you’ve got the face plate there, put that aside.  From this point, we’ve got 4 more screws were going to remove.  Not these two, but the lower two on each side.  Alright, 4 screws removed.  Gently wiggle this out.  You’re going to have two cables behind this so be careful.  Flip it up this way to get access to them.  This black lever here, flip it up and wiggle that ribbon cable out.  Now this one you’re going to want to be very careful with, these wires like to pull out.  So I’ve got my flat head screwdriver.  Just give it a little pressure and we’ll get that separated.  Once again, we’ll put this aside for now.  Now we’re left with the LCD and circuit board.  We’ve got 4 more screws, 2 on each side.  We’ll separate this casing.  You can see on this particular unit, somebody has been in here and tried to repair this.  It is functioning ok for right now so I’m not going to touch it.  This is the kind of temporary fix people apply to this unit.  They’ll scrape this off and apply a solder circuit pen to that to repair it – not a very reliable fix.  So anyhow, we’ve got this with both sides of the case off.  Now we’re going to separate the LCD from the circuit board.  Right here, we’ll just wiggle that and pull that out.  We’ll take this particular one and, we’ll flip the metal part downwards.  And that slides out.  Now you’ve separated that, and you’ve got your third cable right here.  Set this aside.  Always a good idea to get an anti-static mat so we don’t damage any of the electronics.  Now we have the LCD screen with the digitizer.  Once again, we’re not going to replace this one, so I’m going to swap it out with the damaged one.  From here it’s a little bit tricky.  We’re going to need a heat gun – it looks like a giant hair dryer.  I’ve just got this on here, I’m going to toss aside.  You’re going to want to heat this up. Once we’ve got it warm we are going to gently pry the digitizer off the LCD.  Be very careful not to stick your screwdriver through the LCD screen.  No when you’ve separated this you’re going to want to take note of the location of the ribbon cable – you don’t want to put the new one on in the incorrect position.  You’ll take all of this double-sided tape off as well.  Now we’ve got that ready for the new digitizer. Make sure you don’t have any dust or specks on the screen.  We’re going to take a new digitizer, peel the tape, and I think that’s ready to go on.  Be very careful to align it correctly before you let it stick.  And that’s it!  You’ve got a new digitizer and of course installation is going to be the reverse of what we’ve just done here.  If this is something you’d like to try yourself, I hope this video helps.  If it’s something that you need help with, we are located in the Mesa area in Arizona – Also something you can ship us your navigation unit.  Once again, it’s Wes at Highline Car Care.  HighlineCarCare.Com – Thank you!

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