Let your engine perform as it was intended to

Choose an OEM or equivalent air filter when replacing
Most of us know the job of our engine air filter, but to those of us who don’t it’s very simple – It filters harmful particles out of the air before it is sucked into your engine. Pretty straightforward, right? It’s like wearing a dust mask while you mow the lawn.
A couple months ago I was putting new insulation in our office and while doing so, I picked up some dust masks to protect myself. As I was working in the 120 heat, I noticed my dust mask was collapsing on my face, and really struggling to do its job. I remember thinking to myself – Man, I should have purchased the $4 dust masks rather than my $.99 special!

The same logic goes for your car’s air filter, so make sure to ask for an OEM quality replacement next time you are in need.

Here we have a “performance” air filter. Its manufacturers claim the filter will add horsepower and will never have to be replaced, but in our experience the only thing they add is headache. These filters do let more air flow through, however they do require to be oiled on occasion. This oil has been proven to fowl up your cars electronics, and can actually cause check engine lights, failed sensors, and lowered fuel economy.

Here we have a factory style engine air filter. Its function and design allows your engine to breathe as it is supposed to without letting harmful particles enter the combustion chambers. This is the only style filter we recommend for your daily commuter vehicle, and when changed at the correct interval (12,000-15,000 miles) can keep your engine running smooth and efficiently.