Hybrid Vs. Electric Cars: Pros and Cons

Going green is in style, and it’s easy to see why. Driving a hybrid or electric vehicle means you’ll spend less time stopping at gas stations, which translates to saving money at the pump. Even better, choosing an electric vehicle helps you reduce your environmental footprint since you won’t be consuming as many fossil fuels. The question is, are hybrid vehicles or electric vehicles better? While that ultimately depends on your lifestyle and personal preferences, both hybrid and electric cars have their strengths. 

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid vehicles get their power from both electricity and traditional gas engines. You can choose between plug-in hybrid vehicles and vehicles that don’t even need to be plugged in. The types of hybrids that don’t need to be plugged in recharge the hybrid battery by running the gas engine and by the energy generated by braking. Either kind of hybrid will come with some pros and cons.

Benefits of Hybrid Vehicles

There are five main benefits of choosing a hybrid vehicle:

  1. They create less pollution than traditional cars since they run on electricity as well as gas.
  2. You’ll also spend less money on gas since you’re using less.
  3. Since these vehicles can still run on gas, you don’t have to worry about getting stranded if you run out of the charge in your hybrid battery.
  4. Since the gas engine is getting help from a hybrid battery, it can be smaller and more efficient.
  5. You may even get a discount or tax break from your local government.

Drawbacks of Hybrid Vehicles

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks as well:

  1. Since these vehicles are designed with efficiency in mind, you may not get a very sporty or powerful performance.
  2. If you regularly travel outside of your vehicle’s electric range, you’ll still use a lot of fuel.
  3. Hybrid vehicles are often more expensive than the most affordable traditional cars.
  4. Since you’re still using fuel, they still do create some environmentally harmful emissions.

 Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

All-electric vehicles are becoming more available than they were even a few years ago. More car companies are offering electric options, which means drivers have more choices. The key benefit of electric cars is that they don’t use any gasoline whatsoever. In other words, you’re not consuming fossil fuels, and you’re not creating a lot of emissions that could harm the environment.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Consider the following to get a complete understanding of the benefits of electric cars:

  1. Electric vehicles are incredibly energy-efficient, meaning they’re able to translate a higher amount of energy into actual vehicle movement.
  2. Compared to traditional vehicles, electric vehicles can travel much further per dollar spent on energy.
  3. There are no tailpipe emissions from electric vehicles.
  4. These vehicles can be charged with renewable resources like solar power.
  5. Electric vehicles perform exceptionally well. Their motors are quiet and smooth, while also reacting quickly and providing excellent torque.
  6. Electric motors often require less maintenance than combustion engines.

Drawbacks of Electric Vehicles

The drawbacks of electric vehicles are primarily related to the fact that they don’t offer the option to run on fuel at all.

  1. Electric cars may take a long time to recharge. Even fast-charging stations can take over 30 minutes to refill a battery, which is less than ideal when you’re in the middle of a long drive.
  2. Electric cars often have a short-range. While some offer longer driving ranges, many of them can only travel about 100 miles or less per charge.
  3. Like hybrids, electric vehicles are often more expensive than gas-powered cars of the same quality. While fuel savings plus potential tax breaks or incentives may help, the upfront cost is prohibitive for some people. It can also be expensive to replace the battery pack.

Thoughts about Electric Cars to think about before purchasing

As electric vehicles become more and more prevalent our infrastructure is going to become strained. Charging vehicles may end up taking excessively long due to lines at charging stations. Local cities, states, etc may end up short on electricity and be subject to rolling blackouts etc. If you buy an electric vehicle you are completely at the mercy of our infrastructure. Additional solar farms and power stations and charging stations will be required, Currently the system is not set up for more than 5-10% or more of vehicles to be electric.

Choosing Hybrid Vs. Electric

After looking at the list of pros and cons above, you may have more of a clear idea about which type of vehicle is more appropriate for you. If you occasionally need to take long road trips, you may need a hybrid that can run on gas. For people who only need a daily driver for a short commute, an electric vehicle may be enough.

Hybrid and Electric Car Service in Gilbert, AZ

Whether you ultimately choose a hybrid or electric car, the good news is that you can get either of them serviced here at Highline Car Care. Our team of experts has experience with all makes and models of vehicles, including those with hybrid engines and all-electric engines. These vehicles are produced differently, so don’t trust their service to anyone who only has experience with gas-powered cars. Stop by our location in Gilbert, or schedule your appointment online today.

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Matej Kastelic