Your vehicle needs extra protection during the sizzling summers that are so synonymous with the dry Arizona climate. How do you safeguard your vehicle against the harsh heat and problems that arise when temperatures climb? Summer car care is possible when you trust an auto repair shop in Mesa that has your best interests and your car health in mind! Our Highline Car Care team wants to help ensure you are never left without a vehicle. Below are some easy-to-follow car maintenance tips that will keep encroaching summer heat in your rearview mirror.

Surviving the Summer

Overheated engines, damaged air conditioning units, and other troublesome vehicle maladies can make the season almost unbearable. At Highline Car Care, our maintenance experts understand the importance of weathering a vehicle against the extreme temperatures. Keep money in your wallet and your vehicle in-service and on the road by taking the time to do this simple checklist:

  1. Stop in and get your radiator evaluated

    Cold seasons damage radiators and the problem may not show until the summer months. Clogged radiators hinder coolant, and a good cooling system flush done by our helpful Highline Car Care experts is sure to help!

  2. Maintain your oil

    Lubrication is key to keep your engine from overheating. Low or old oil can set off a disastrous chain of events. Up your oil levels. An oil change may be needed.

  3. Check your tires

    Improperly inflated, damaged, or worn tires all lower the efficiency of your vehicle. Get a thorough inspection done to preserve your tires’ life.

  4. Do a battery check

    Battery fluid evaporates in the hotter seasons. A trained professional ensures your battery is not corroded because of low battery fluid levels.

“In the Event of “

Accidents happen and vehicles fail, but compiling a solid plan of action helps in the most trying of situations. Prepare your vehicle for the worst by ensuring you have these items nearby:

  • An emergency or first aid kit
  • An extra container of antifreeze
  • A gallon of water
  • A full-sized spare tire
  • A small packable tool-kit
  • Snacks

Provisions like snacks and water help in a variety of scenarios. The loose rubble and dry heat trigger tire blowouts, and hot temperates heat exhaustion. Be prepared, and you and your car will stay in good health.

Start the Summer Out Right

A simple way to ensure your automobile is ready for the weather is to set up an appointment with skilled summer car care professionals. The Highline Car Care staff helps preserve your busy summer schedule by offering efficient preventative maintenance to ensure your plans stay on course. Contact us today to get your vehicle in before summer heat ruins your sense of adventure.

Keep your car running great all summer long, schedule a tune-up with Highline Car Care today!