How long do hybrid batteries last in Mesa, AZ

Symptoms of a Dying Battery

You are cruising the winding highways and byways of Arizona’s beautiful countryside. You check to see your speed and alas! That little warning light is flashing again. The tiny battery icon has made your dashboard a permanent residence and you don’t know what to make of it. It could be time for a little side trip to your locally trusted auto repair shop. Mesa, Arizona has what you need!

Highline Car Care is an auto repair shop in Mesa, Arizona that provides quality service with an emphasis on quick turnaround time and great results. We help you save your money for real emergencies by offering preventative maintenance to stop the expensive fixes from occurring.

Hybrid Battery Lifespan

The lifespan of a car battery depends on a variety of factors. Hybrid car batteries may last from 5 to 10 years (or up to 100,000 miles), but there are no guarantees they will. Are you worried that your battery may fail? And if you aren’t worried should you be? Let’s find out.

In mild climates, hybrid car battery life often lasts beyond estimated averages, but Arizona’s simmering temperatures have the opposite effect on hybrid car batteries. Boiling temperatures and dusty roads wreak havoc on many working parts of a vehicle, including the battery. Not every hybrid car is made equal.

Cooling systems, uncontrollable climates, the age of the vehicle, or vulnerabilities in design all play a role in ensuring your hybrid car battery endures or fails.

Does Age Play a Part?

Is your Hybrid an older model? Discharging and charging systems in older hybrids wear out batteries prematurely. Their uneven function creates hotspots on batteries, thus leading to early failure. It’s just another reason to take advantage of our preventative maintenance packages in Mesa, Arizona.

Newer hybrids may have better thermal and cooling systems, and the material used in newer batteries also helps. Current batteries do perform better, but their placement in some Hybrid models can cause serious problems. Air intake systems that manage the battery are located in vulnerable areas with no filter. Cabin air filters placed in the vehicle are only effective with the windows rolled up to stop dust, dirt or other contaminants from interfering with battery functions.

Bring It to Us

If you are an Arizona local and a Hybrid owner, it may be time to have your car battery inspected. Highline Car Care, our auto repair shop in Mesa, Arizona, is a place where you receive efficient service and expert analysis. Schedule an appointment today and let our highly skilled technicians keep you and your Hybrid out of the shop and on the road.

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