Hello from Highline


Winter has packed it up, and summer is on the way!
Well, I think it’s safe to say that most of us have packed up the parkas at this point and brought out the t shirts and shorts. I know i’m personally still looking for that blasted left flip flop I misplaced last fall! At any rate with spring here and summer soon to follow, we here at Highline wanted to take a second to remind everyone that it’s time to make sure your vehicle is ready to transport you and your family safely through the fiery bliss we call summertime.

Milk spoiling on your way home from the grocery store?

It might be time for an AC checkup!
Did you know that by the time your car is 5 years old, it has likely lost up to 15% of its cooling power? Stop by today for an AC checkup, and beat the summer rush!