Greetings from Highline

Hey guys – Wes here with Highline. We know car repair is probably just about as exciting as say, a root canal. But I just wanted to take the time to let you know that we work hard every day to make it a more enjoyable experience for both you, and your family.

When I talk to people about their frustrations with bringing a car in for maintenance I run into two common responses, that I would like to address.

1. I don’t know what my car needs, and I’m afraid I’ll be taken advantage of. This is a valid fear. Heck, if I were in need of plumbing repair I would probably feel the very same way. But let me assure you that myself and Charlie will go the extra mile to explain everything, and ONLY perform the services that you are comfortable with.
2. I have to work, and can’t take the time off to bring my car by. Well rest assured that Highline has a solution to this as well! We have TWO loaner vehicles that we offer free of charge to our busy customers – Just call ahead to reserve one. We have also made ourselves available as early as 7:30AM to drop off or pick up your vehicles.

And remember guys and gals while Highline may not be the CHEAPEST shop in town, we do promise to do our best to offer you the most VALUE for your time and money!

I’m Clark, and my baby is coming up on 90,000 miles. I’ll be taking her down to Highline for a little TLC. Their attention to detail and no nonsense pricing make it a no brainer for me and my family.