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Why Car Maintenance is Crucial for Commuters

What You’ll Learn

As you read about the importance of commuter car maintenance, you’ll learn:

  • Regular driving leads to a few common commuter car problems, and these problems must be addressed before they get any more serious.
  • The very best way to keep your commuter vehicle in great shape is to get preventative maintenance as you try to avoid these problems in the first place.

Car Commuter Problems

Commuting can be rough on us as drivers. All of that time sitting in our car can stress our bodies and minds, but then again, we have to get to work. Commuting can be hard on our vehicles, but luckily, those problems are easy to solve if you know who to ask. The effects of commuting may vary slightly depending on where you’re doing it. For example, you won’t be subjected to as much stop-and-go traffic here in Gilbert or Mesa as you would in some bigger cities, but your vehicle will still have to contend with a good deal of dust blowing in from the desert.

Some heavy commuters tend to drive their vehicles hard, too, because they’re trying to shave a few minutes off of their daily driving whenever possible. In addition to hard-driving, we commonly see all of the following habits contributing to wear and tear on commuter cars in the Gilbert area:

  • Repetitive short trips of less than five miles (running lots of small errands that make you turn your car off and on)
  • Operating in hot weather
  • Stop and go traffic
  • Driving in dusty conditions
  • Driving at low speeds for a long time or idling for long periods
  • Driving on rough roads or roads that are not clean and well maintained
  • Towing trailers or using car-top carriers frequently

Car Commuter Maintenance

This type of driving shows up in the form of abnormal tire wear, uneven wear to brakes, and more. That means more frequent tire changes, wheel alignments, and brake pad replacements. All of that driving in traffic and dust might also gunk up your engine and cabin air filters more frequently, so you’ll have to replace them a bit more often. Expect to need transmission fluid changes more frequently, too, as your vehicle is under some extra stress. Finally, don’t forget to keep up with your oil changes as you rack up the miles.

Preventative Maintenance

If you wait too long to address all of the services mentioned above, it will eventually add up to some costly repairs. This might make you want to put it off even more as the price rises, but that puts you in a cycle that can get dangerous for your vehicle. Eventually, you’ll be stuck with a vehicle that can’t do what you need it to until you put a lot of money into it. Instead, the best way to save yourself a lot of money is to get preventative maintenance on a regular schedule, which helps you avoid the bigger problems.

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