Common car problems during Arizona summer

4 Common Car Troubles Arizonans Face in the Summer

Here in Gilbert and throughout the surrounding areas, we get some of the hottest summers in the world. As a result, there are certain types of car trouble Arizona residents are more likely to experience. Just like excessive heat can make it hard for you to feel your best, high temperatures can be hard on your vehicle. Here are the four most common types of summer car problems in Arizona.

Battery Problems During Summer

When the temperature gets over 100°F here in Gilbert and the surrounding areas, your battery may corrode more quickly. The heat can also damage the wiring in your vehicle and cause structural damage to your battery by making its fluids evaporate. A faulty battery can get you stranded on the side of the road, and it may lead to other problems in your car’s electrical system as well. Have an auto repair professional look for signs of swelling or corrosion, clean your battery’s terminals, and check your battery voltage during the summer in Arizona.

Hose and Belt Damage

It’s also important to keep a close eye on your car’s hoses and belts when temperatures rise. The heat can lead to cracks, frays, and dry rotting on your belts. These belts may lose tension because of the heat, which will reduce their ability to function appropriately. Furthermore, slick or glazed spots will make the belts slip.

The hoses in your vehicle can also get soft in the heat. Soft spots may lead to cracks, leaks, and bulges. Hard spots on your hoses may be a sign that there has been some melting before the surfaces hardened again. If you notice any type of damage to the hoses in your vehicle, get them replaced before they start leaking.

Air Conditioning Problems

If you haven’t used your air conditioning very much in the last several months, we recommend testing it before the dog days of summer. Make sure the blower motor still works and that the air comes out at a good speed. If your vehicle isn’t getting as cool as it used to, or if it’s taking a long time to cool down, you may need to recharge your air conditioner. Your local car mechanic in Gilbert should be able to take care of this problem for you by adding more refrigerant. It’s a relatively simple solution, and you can save yourself from a lot of discomforts by getting your car air conditioning serviced before your daily commutes or long road trips through the desert in Arizona.

Flat Tires

The pressure in your tires changes with the temperature. When the temperature falls, the air contracts and your tire pressure decreases. During the summer, hot temperatures here in the Gilbert area can lead to excessively high tire pressure. Check your tire pressure regularly to ensure it’s at an appropriate level.

Hot roads in Arizona can also wear the tires more quickly. Inspect them for bulges, tears, punctures, and worn treads. You can slow this wear and tear down by cleaning and treating your tires regularly. If your tires are already damaged, get them changed at an auto repair shop.

Auto Repair in Gilbert

At Highline Car Care, we’ve been serving people from Gilbert and the rest of Arizona for over 15 years. Our team knows what it takes to keep your car running efficiently even on the hottest days of the year, so you can trust us to keep you comfortable and safe. Stop by today for a summer car tune-up.

Image: Patiwat Sariya