Car Making Funky Noises?

The YouTube video about to make you laugh is something I’ve already shared – but its so good I want to share it again. And let’s be honest, who couldn’t use a laugh right now?

There is a comedian, Brian Regan (really clean and really funny) who has a great bit about visiting the mechanic. I could write it for you here, but it’s probably better for everyone if you check out this quick funny sketch. It starts at 0:45.

Click Here

SPOILER ALERT: If you didn’t watch the video the core message is some car noises require a mop cleanup.

You Got Any Funky Noises Happening Now?

The sketch is funny because it’s true. You drive every day listening to that clank, click or screech and become used to hearing it. You may even let a friend drive your car and warn them, “hey, my car makes this noise that sounds like an elephant giving birth, just ignore it.”

I’ve got two questions that I’d love to ask you to answer for me:

  1. What is the craziest sound your car has made?
  2. What noise is your car making right now?

If my team and I can help via email, we’d love to. If we can’t, maybe we can give some insight as to what the noise might be and if it could be serious.

One Funky Noise Happening Right Now

One of my customers has a noise coming from his fan that sounds like a little birdie. Sometimes it’s loud and sometimes it’s absent altogether, but no matter how prevalent it is, it’s always funny to hear him try and describe it for me.

But probably not as funny as hearing Brian Regan do his thing.



P.S. Go ahead and hit reply right now and share your answer to my questions above. I’m honestly curious to know.