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Car Maintenance Service and Repair in Mesa AZ

If your vehicle could use some maintenance, count on us to give it the service it needs.  We are available Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5:30 PM (we close at 4 PM on Fridays).  We service all makes and models of vehicles, and we are certain you’ll be delighted with the service you receive.  



Don’t want to wait around while your vehicle is being serviced? We’ve got you covered – Enjoy our complimentary loaner vehicle.  


Why More People Choose Highline Car Care –

“People come to us looking for a mechanic that has their best interest at heart. Someone who will take care of them, their car, and provide them with the best overall value”       Wes Hawkins- Owner


Our qualifications– We will fix it right the first time, guaranteed. 

Our technology– Advanced equipment helps us service your car faster, saving you time.

20 Years of experience– We know what works and what doesn’t work, specific to the Mesa Gilbert & Phoenix Valley area.

Insured– This protects you and ensures you won’t be paying for accidents.

Highly Rated Online- Know that you are in good hands.

We Care for Your Car– We are not just going to fix your vehicle, we are going to take care of it.  This means always recommending “The right service at the right time”

Our Nationwide Warranty– This means you only pay once for the repair, and leave with peace of mind


But don’t just take our word for it – Let our Reviews serve as real life proof that You can Count on Highline Car Care as Your Trusted Mechanic!





What is the Recommended Car Maintenance Schedule?

Each vehicle has individual and specific needs, and as we have mentioned before – Simply following the manufacturer’s recommendations is not always the best practice.  Vehicle manufacturers want to show a low cost of ownership so that their vehicle appeals to the masses.  Just because Toyota doesn’t recommend servicing your transmission until 100,000 miles, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.  Click here to see just one example as to why we recommend more frequent maintenance intervals in the Mesa Gilbert area. Our owner Wes is a valley native and has been tending to the maintenance schedule needs of vehicles big and small since the mid 1990’s.  With this “real world” based maintenance practice, we are able to keep your car or truck running strong for years to come – Providing you with the best car maintenance & service value proposition.



What is the Cost of Car Maintenance in Mesa?

The cost of vehicle maintenance can become a point of contention for many consumers.  In the East Valley alone, consumers have over 500 choices of where to take their vehicle for service.  Some may choose to visit the dealership, some might prefer to visit an independent chain service center, while more yet might prefer a privately owned repair facility.  With all of these choices, how are phoenix area consumers able to discern the best value price for car maintenance?

In our opinion, the best value comes in providing a custom list of recommendations for your specific vehicle.  If you have never been to Highline Car Care before, you might find it odd that we shy away from giving package pricing over the phone based on mileage.  But if you’ll take a few minutes to come down and let us give your vehicle a customized 19 or 34 point digital inspection (free of charge), you’ll quickly see the difference.  We won’t recommend maintenance just because your owner’s manual says so.  We want to visually confirm that you do in fact need that air filter or power steering flush.  We want to see what might have been previously replaced, in addition to any unlisted service needs your specific car might have (such as brake and suspension issues).

If you are looking for the best car maintenance value, it is imperative to let your mechanic inspect  your vehicle first.  Otherwise you are simply making a decision based on a stated cost, which may not always be the best value for you or your vehicle.  

Car Maintenance Schedule by Mileage

We are pretty passionate about car maintenance at Highline Car Care.  If you’ve ever been to our Mesa Gilbert location, you might have noticed the giant “Preventative maintenance” poster we have on the wall in our waiting room.  This is a schedule that we have specifically designed, and based on real life experience.  For example, we know that your BMW will need spark plug replacement at 60,000 miles, while a Toyota will not until 90,000 miles.  We have determined that your fuel injection system can and will benefit by being serviced every 30,000 miles, and so on…  We have invested countless hours in learning what keeps Phoenix area vehicles running their best.  This isn’t based on ideal scenarios contrived by some marketing company across the country, this is based on real life desert wear and tear.  This is the knowledge you need to keep your vehicle safe and reliable!  

We know what your car needs, and we will not recommend anything until it is time to do so.  Hence our Mantra “The right service at the right time”  

Read more about our recommended services by mileage here


Does Car Maintenance Help Me Save Money?

Car maintenance absolutely will save you money in the long haul.  If you plan to keep your vehicle for 200,000 miles or more you’re going to have to be proactive, and this means investing in preventative maintenance.  When you come see us for an oil change and we recommend a brake fluid flush, rest assured we have your best interests in mind.  We know that dirty brake fluid will eventually damage much more expensive items in your braking system.  We know that dirty transmission fluid will eventually cause a very expensive transmission failure if left unchecked.  We know that replacing brakes before they start grinding is cheaper than after it’s too late to save your rotors.  So while $100 here and $200 there might feel like a lot of money at the time, this is by far the best practice to be certain your vehicle will be safe and reliable for years to come.  Invest in your car maintenance as you would invest in your personal health.  As the Doctor always said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”  


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