Cadillac User Experience CUE Touch Screen Repair in Gilbert, AZ

Infotainment navigation touch screen in modern car

In this new age of technology and convenience, Cadillac has raised the bar with in-vehicle Gadgetry.  The CUE system is an all-in-one Navigation, Audio, Phone, and climate control display that is very intuitive.  But what happens when this central control system fails?  Drivers are left with no control over the luxuries of their Cadillac.

Symptoms of a Failing Navigation Screen

Many times Cadillac owners have found that the CUE touchscreen will simply stop responding to touch.  Simply stated, the screen lights up and displays all of your options, but it will not recognize that you are touching a particular icon.  Have no fear, the experts at Highline have devised an economical repair and will get you back on the road in no time.  We are able to repair the CUE touch screens on the Escalade ATS CTS CTS-V SRX and XTS models.

If you are local to the Gilbert-Phoenix area, we are happy to complete the entire job for you.  Bring us your vehicle and we will perform the repair.  If you are out of state, simply remove your CUE infotainment unit and ship it to us for repair.  We promise a quick turnaround and quality product that will keep your Cadillac reliable for many years to come!

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