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How to Save Time and Money with Apresto

What You’ll Learn As you read this blog post about the Apresto vehicle maintenance app, you’ll learn: Leveraging modern technology like apps can make it a lot easier to keep up with your vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule. Keeping up with the vehicle maintenance schedule for your car will help it last longer, run more efficiently, […]

It’s Warming Up in Arizona- Time to Have Your AC Checked!

As you read about car AC maintenance in Arizona, you’ll learn: Why AC maintenance is essential for caring for your vehicle How Highline Car Care can help you keep your vehicle working properly Arizona is known for its scorching summers, and whether you’re taking a family road trip or commuting to work, you want to […]

What Needs to Be Checked Before Buying a Used Car?

Buying a reliable used car can be a smart buying decision when you choose a make and model that’s built to last. Whether you’re buying a used car from a dealer or an independent owner, thoroughly checking the car inside and out can protect you from a serious red flag (or several). This is the […]

6 Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

You turn the key but nothing happens. When your car won’t start, it can ruin your day. Understanding the common reasons your car won’t start can help you stop breakdowns before they occur. One of these six issues is likely the answer to why your car won’t start. Dead Battery Did you leave a light […]

Tips for Buying a Used Car

Car dealers often have high overhead and costly fees that can inflate the price of a used car. While you can potentially save money buying a used car from a private seller, you also lack the protections that come from purchasing a vehicle from a registered dealer. Prepare to shop for a high-quality used car […]

What’s the Difference Between AWD & 4WD?

While both all-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive provide increased traction during acceleration, these drive modes have different functions and features. Auto manufacturers don’t use consistent terms when marketing their AWD and 4WD cars, trucks, and SUVs to make matters more confusing. If you’re shopping for a new performance or all-terrain vehicle, review the distinguishing factors […]

Can Am Polaris UTV Service and Repair in Gilbert Arizona

Are you looking for UTV oil change service, maintenance, or repair in Gilbert Arizona? Highline Car Care can help! While most UTV specialists such as Ride Now are booked out a month or more, we can usually fit you in for same day or next day service! Our head technician is very familiar with UTV’s […]

4 Reasons Your Check Engine Light Is On

Extreme temperatures harm the performance of electric cars. For example, if you live in Arizona, the hot climate may affect your electric vehicles. When it’s hot outside, the car’s air conditioning system has to work harder to keep you cool. As a result, you don’t experience the EV range electric that you would in cooler […]