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3 Essentials of Auto Maintenance

Even the DeLorean from Back to the Future needed maintenance. Netflix has a great documentary right now called Back In Time, and it’s all about the Back to the Future movie. Much of the movie centers around the Delorean; at one point they even show one of the film’s cars broken down and collecting dust… […]

What Goes Into a Transmission

You, most likely, have never placed hands on a transmission. If you have, come down and hang out with us at the shop – we love talking grease monkey work… For everyone else, the odds of you messing with a transmission is slim to none. The closest most people get to transmission work is when things go […]

All About Automatic Transmissions

Your automatic transmission may be working overtime. You drive your car every day, rushing to work, hurrying to drop the kids off at school – maybe just trying to escape the Arizona heat for a weekend getaway. As someone who depends on your vehicle, there are certain things you “just know.” More than nearly anything […]

Prepping for Summer

Your car is about to get rocked during another Arizona summer. People are always talking about how hard the Arizona summers are on cars but rarely do we ever get into the details of how and why. We’ve summarized three things that really do need to be on your radar leading into the summer. Yes, we […]

We Repair Smart Car in Gilbert, AZ

Whenever you spotted a Smart Car back when they were first released you couldn’t help but do the whole rubber-neck thing. It was unlike any vehicle you saw on the road. Even though you’re more used to seeing these cars, they still have a mystery about them – even for Smart Car owners. Just like every car on the road, Smart […]

Car Making Strange Noises?

This hilarious YouTube video is something I’ve already shared – but its so good, I want to share it again. And let’s be honest, who couldn’t use a laugh right now? There is a comedian, Brian Regan (really clean and really funny) who has a great bit about visiting the mechanic. I could write it […]

Keeping Your Vehicle Safe Between Services

You may have noticed when you purchased your last car that manufacturers are scheduling regular service less and less frequently. You remember the days when you were expected to change your oil every 3,000 miles but now manufacturers are recommending no less than 5,000 miles between services. In fact, some Toyotas have gone all the […]

Nav Screen intro

Local touch screen repair Call Highline for same day, affordable service Hello there, Wes from Highline Car Care – We are a phoenix area auto repair shop much like yourself. Over the past few years, I have noticed a trend with the 2006 and newer Toyota and Lexus navigation touch screens failing. If you have […]

Hi from Charlie

Greetings As the newest member of the management staff at Highline Car Care, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my past six months. With the Holidays quickly approaching, I wanted to remind you that we all have good and bad days. I just wanted to say that my days dealing with the […]