Well we made it through another tax day; April 15th gone again. I’m glad, I feel your moods trust me! You rev me up when you are frustrated, stick my nose in other people’s business when we’re running late, and drag me out of the garage at moments notice every morning.

I try to be ready every time you need me. To the grocery store, to baseball practice, to dance lessons, to the coffee shop and back. The horrible toll on me every day with those stop and go trips across town to work, lord knows I try! My brothers and sisters from around the globe and all here in the valley are cringing. Waiting for another three months of 100-degree plus weather. We need help just like you. Hydrating, breathing, and good shoes on the hot asphalt.

I know your lives are busy, and sometimes I am forgotten. But I feel important, and I know you need me every day. I will always be there for you, with just a little care.

Your car

PS, Wes and the guys at Highline can give me what I need!

PSS, I hope you’re not reading this on your phone while you’re driving me down the highway…