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6 Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

You turn the key but nothing happens. When your car won’t start, it can ruin your day. Understanding the common reasons your car won’t start can help you stop breakdowns before they occur.

One of these six issues is likely the answer to why your car won’t start.

Dead Battery

Did you leave a light on in your car overnight? A dead battery is one of the most common causes of a car that won’t start. The telltale sign of this issue occurs when you turn the ignition switch and nothing happens No noise, no lights, no engine turnover.

If you successfully start your vehicle with a jump from a friend, you should still have the battery checked out. It could have corrosion damage or be near the end of its life. You might find your car battery dies after a long hot summer of use since high temperatures can drain its reserves.

Clogged Fuel Filter

This component of your vehicle prevents debris from blocking your vehicle’s fuel line. This can cause you to get nothing but silence when you try to start the car. The engine might also crank but fail to start.

Visiting a trusted mechanic to get your filter changed about every 12,000 miles or 12 months can help prevent this issue by removing the oil, road dirt, and debris that get caked in the screen. You can also help keep the filter clean with regular oil changes. If you frequently drive on mud or gravel turf, consider getting your oil and filter changed more often.

Alternator Malfunction

The car’s alternator helps keep its battery powered. Your check engine light might come on if a problem arises with this component, but the poor output may be the reason your car won’t start. You might notice your headlights aren’t as bright as they should be.

Broken Starter or Ignition

The starter is a battery-powered motor that turns on the engine. With this issue, you may get a clicking noise when you try to turn the key and start your car. While a jump start can fix this problem, your auto will eventually need a repair. Usually, with this problem, the engine’s flywheel or drive gear wears down and doesn’t work effectively anymore. The car will probably crank when you turn the key but fail to completely start.

A bad ignition switch can also prevent your car from starting. This component signals the engine to get going. If the switch fails, the engine won’t get the message. A professional can replace this part and you’ll be back in business.

Bad Spark Plugs

Many car owners forget about this part because they can last up to 100,000 miles in modern vehicles. Without an update in a high-mileage car, however, spark plugs may be one of the reasons your car won’t start. Get them swapped out if your car is approaching the century mileage mark.

Fuel Pump Issues

If your car’s fuel pump weakens or breaks, this problem can prevent your car from starting. Gas can’t travel from the gas tank to the engine’s combustion chamber. If you get your fuel filter changed and still have issues, you might need a fuel pump repair or replacement.

Routine maintenance with the professional technicians at Highline Car Care can help prevent these issues from causing your car to break down. We pride ourselves on providing great auto service to Gilbert, Mesa, and surrounding communities in the Phoenix metro area. Make sure your vehicle keeps running its best by scheduling your appointment today to get your car serviced.

Featured Image: AshTProductions / Shutterstock